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Architectural Imaging

Doug Klein of Firelands Photography has supplied commercial and industrial photography to the area businesses for over 18 years.  For many years prior to that, he was responsible for advertising and industrial photography and procurement of advertising materials for a steel fabricator with an expanding product line of marine and industrial material handling equipment.  Equipment was photographed at many of the country's leading manufacturers of subway cars, locomotives, nuclear fuel rod assemblies, nuclear control panels, pre-cast concrete plants, lash barges, boat yards, jet engines, modular homes, and many others.

Other than excellent image quality, and our flexibility, one of our most valuable benefits for your business is our fast turnaround capability.  Call with your needs!

Services include working with old negatives and slides you may have.  We have a high resolution film scanner that can bring new life to your images.

Once you choose which images you want to use, we completely adjust for color balance, density, verticle and horizontal lines, perspective, and lens abberations. When promoting your business, use a professional for your images, so your image looks professional!

To see how Firelands Photography can help you with your imaging needs, please call or e-mail!

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